FCE Feed Division

FCE can offer you superior service and value for your beef operations. We would be happy to show the cost savings to you and give you recommendations based on your individual needs. Call the Feed Mill Office at 507-423-6235

FCE’s mill is HACCP and FSMA compliant. We run multiple feed trucks with many configurations that are able to deliver feed to your farm. Our Feed Mill is located in Cottonwood. 








Services we offer:

Nutrition Consulting:

-Full time Beef Livestock Production Specialist able to come to your farm to advise and give recommendations for your business

-Consulting nutritionist on our retainer staff that can work with you and our Production Specialist

-Testing of feedstuffs to ensure maximum economic value of your production

-Computerized balanced diets, spreadsheets, economic comparisons, projections and batch sheets

-Direct delivery

-Custom supplement and mineral formulation tailored from your specific feedstuffs

-Pelleted supplements, minerals and liquid supplements tailored to fit your feedlot

-Ability to manufacture and deliver beta-agonists from live or carcass enhancements

-Assistance in record keeping and tracking  



-Financial planning and advice for breakeven calculations

-Feeder financing availability with local banks for cattle feeding

-Pre-pay program available for end-of-year business planning

-Additional discounts for direct draft accounts


Other Services and Products

-By-product purchasing and comparison recommendations and advice

-Industry leading inoculant products for silage, haylage, HM corn and hay production

-Silage covering material for your productions